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Welcome to my free  S&C program, designed with you in mind. Inside you will find a 4-week program that is structured to help you improve your strength and power while also reducing your risk of injury. You'll also find valuable insights on nutrition and recovery, helping you can get the most out of training and be ready to perform at your best on match day! 

S&C Program 

This four-week program is targeted towards improving your strength and power while also reducing the risk of injury. Carefully structured for progression in key movements, this program places a significant focus on essential elements such as plyometrics. Delivered as a PDF, this resource is yours to keep forever. Each exercise comes with a video demonstration and linked coaching points, as well as information on reps, sets, and rest times to guide you through every session. 

Nutrition Guide

Designed specifically for athletes, this resource covers nutrition priorities that you should be focusing on. It gives valuable insights into the roles of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in fueling your performance and also provides practical meal templates, guiding you on how much of each macronutrient you should include in each meal. Whether it's a light, medium, or high activity day, learn how to adjust your meals to match the demands of your training too. 

Recovery Strategies

As part of this program, you'll get access to my presentation on effective recovery strategies designed specifically for footballers. This talk, delivered to multiple football teams, including at the professional level, reveals key priorities for improving recovery. Gain valuable insights into why prioritising recovery is so important, and discover strategies that will help improve your recovery to perform at your best when it matters most!


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